Harrison Select Wild Keta Salmon Caviar (IKURA)

The Wild Chum salmon caviar is also known as Keta salmon caviar, and in Japan, salmon roe is known as “Ikura”, where it is a very popular delicacy used in Japanese gastronomy, commonly eaten in sushi rolls or as a topping on rice, but is also great for a variety of dishes.

Our sustainably caught river wild chum salmon brings a caviar with a unique taste, soft texture, and highest quality, always complying with food safety on the processing methods.

  • Grade 1 salmon roe
  • Ingredients: Chum Salmon Roe, Salt
  • Frozen product. Keep refrigerated after opening.
  • Comes in 1kg frozen package divided into 4 blocks of 250g for individual thawing.


This is a traceable product of Wild BC Keta Salmon (Oncorhynchus keta) harvested sustainably in the Harrison River and adjacent Lower Fraser River by members of Sts’ailes and Scowlitz for the Harrison Salmon Producers LP.