From River to Plate

The story of your River Select wild salmon.

Fresh Wild Catch

Our fish are captured using dip net, seine, trap, troll (long line) and fish wheel methods.

Premium Product

Responsible fisheries and quality management are eco-labelled Ocean Wise and independently certified to meet our high standards of Quality, Value and Sustainability.

Find Your Fisher!

We trace our salmon products directly to the registered river fisheries that are accountable to the highest standards of government regulation.

Market Ready

Processed, sealed to bring you the unique flavors of wild salmon from BC’s Greatest Rivers.

Stories We Share

When you follow Trace This Fish on our QR-coded packages, follow the producer’s link for stories, images and more to learn about this fishery.

Best Value

All River Select wild salmon is responsibly sourced and brings the uniqueness of each fishery to your plate.

Harvested and processed with care to bring the best of each fishery to a market near you