Okanagan Select Wild Sockeye Cold Smoked Salmon

$ 22.00

Very delicate smoked flavour WILD SOCKEYE SALMON – with desired cold smoked texture.

Enjoy it thinly sliced on crackers or bagels with cream cheese and capers.

Comes in frozen package with approximate 150 to 270g, full side cold smoked skin-on bone-out wild sockeye salmon.

Price: 22.00/lb.

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Flash frozen, vacuum-packed in our industry-grade plastic to hold freshness.

Preparing: Thaw at room temperature it will be ready to eat in 1 hour or thaw in refrigerator overnight.



This is a traceable product of Wild Sockeye Salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) harvested sustainably from the Okanagan River by members of Okanagan Nation Alliance for Okanagan Aquatic Enterprises.

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Organic Ocean (False Creek – Vancouver, BC), Chehalis Store (Agassiz, BC), Okanagan Select (Westbank, BC)